Peregrine Watch

The number of known active Peregrine Falcon territories in Montana has increased dramatically from 0 in the mid-70s to 110 active territories in 2016. The accumulative number found active during the in survey years (1998-2018) is 224. Funding for surveys has dwindled since formal national surveys are finished We began project “Montana Peregrine-Watch” in 2010 to determine percent occupancy for our Montana Peregrine Falcon territories during these interim years between major surveys. In 2018, we had over 80 volunteers helping us monitor the Montana Peregrine Falcon territories.


Survey all 224 Peregrine Falcon territories that were active during the 1998-2018 period for occupancy.

Methods Summary:

  • Biologists and qualified birders will be shown the peregrine cliff & nesting ledges during March and April.
  • Minimum number visits two : one in April & one in July recommended.
  • Fill out forms at each visit (Spring & Summer)
  • Maximum number of territories per observer – three
  • Emphasis on recording occupancy -productivity secondary
  • Territory must be near home or work place
  • Summary table to MPI or MFWP by 1 September
  • Summaries posted on the web (
  • Territory observer unable to survey territory must find a qualified replacement. Changes should be reported immediately.

Coordinators: Jay Sumner, Claire Gower, Bob Hollister, and John Mitchell

Below are the monitoring forms (PDFs). Feel free to download and use to record your data.

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